Since there are many special devices for fishing net machines which may be required
depending on the type & pitch of machines and also twine & mesh sizes to be produced,
Please allow us to recommend to choose necessary ones you want to take from the followings:

  1. Large mesh making device by the chain system

    By using this device, larger meshes than the sizes described in the catalogue
    are produced as follows.

    CAS 330 mm
    LAS 400 mm
    JAD 450 mm
    JAS 600 mm
    HZS Unlimited

    @(Please consult TOYO if a larger size than the above is required for your application.)

  2. Extra-large mesh making device by geared motor system

    This device, which drives the net forwarding roll by the servo-motor, is most suitable for
    making an extra large mesh, such as the wing of a trawl net, and can be installed
    on the Models JAS, JAD and HZS machines. The maximum is unlimited.

  3. Net delivery device with the steel roll

    This steel roll is used to convey the netting out of the machine after the resin treatment.
    By using this device, the netting which is still wet as a result of resin treatment is dried
    in the air.

  4. Net take-up device by geared motor system

    Driven by the geared motor, the take-up roll winds up the netting automatically.
    The dancing roll installed between the delivery roll and the take-up roll functions
    to maintain the netting tension at a constant level. This tension roll plays a vital role
    in producing uniform meshes.
    (Net take-up device by the chain system is available for the model CAS & CAD.)

  5. Automatic vibration-proof device

    This is the device to eliminate a vibration of the knot tightening roll which drops of
    its own accord. Thanks to the mechanism which interlocks to the drop speed of the knot
    tightening roll, this enables the roll to stop vibrating properly even though the drop speed
    would have been changed due to the change of the circumstances
    such as a temperature, humidity and so forth in the factory.

  6. Totally-enclosed safety guards at both ends

    The totally-enclosed safety guards have doors on interlocking system. The guards
    which are designed to meet the safety regulations of any country, will be supplied.
    Safety information should be provided to TOYO from the purchaser.

  7. Selvage threading device

  8. Net splitting device

  9. Large selvage making device

  10. Selvage gathering device

  11. Twist-proof mechanism

  12. Resin device